The education sector alone produces 13% of all non-domestic food waste in England, throwing out some 123,000 tonnes a year, the bulk of that going straight to landfill. Reducing waste is not only good for the environment but it also saves money and retain nutritional benefit in children rather then in bins.


The Food Waste Ninjas Project is a multi-week educational program designed to achieve the following goals:

• Discover why food gets wasted.
• Motivate students to reduce food waste during regular snack and lunch times.
• Educate students to the benefits of food waste reduction, insight into food production, nutrition and waste management systems.
• Provide a toolkit to help those responsible for implementing initiatives to reduce food waste in schools

“Throw left over fruit in compost”

Year 1 Student, Alban City School

I offer multi-week educational project, where each children in the school gets to participate and help school to reduce food waste and utilise the nutrition in the food for their growth and development.

“The whole workshop was very informative, I discovered many new things about food waste”

Teacher, Alban City School

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We have teamed up with Sainsbury’s Waste less Save More.